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posted 3 weeks ago

I just realised it’s Edward Herrmann’s birthday today!

Happy 71st birthday.

We haven’t taken a road trip in forever and the weather is perfect.

We can’t take a road trip. You’re getting married this weekend.

"Life’s short. Talk Fast" turned 3 today!

"Life’s short. Talk Fast" turned 3 today!

How to date a Gilmore Girl, according to Dean:

1. Their eating habits are just the start of what you’re gonna have to get used to.

2. Don’t ever use the last of the Parmesan cheese.

3. Never get into a heavy discussion late at night ‘cause that’s when they’re at their crankiest.

4. Oh, and uh, go with their bits.

Their bits?

Yeah, like, if you’re eating pizza with them and Lorelai decides that the pepperoni is angry at the mushrooms because the mushrooms have an attitude and then she holds up a pepperoni and the pepperoni asks for your opinion…don’t just laugh. Answer the pepperoni.

5. Don’t let them near puppies ‘cause they’ll want to take home, every one.

6. Here’s a big one. If you ever think that they’re doing something crazy, they’re not. You see, after a while, their thinking becomes clear, but by the time it’s clear, they’ve already done two other totally crazy things that you can’t figure out. So there’s no catching up.